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Date: 30/05/2012

Avoid being left high and dry when you’re away

In the UK, with our National Health Service, we take it for granted that we can get medical help whenever we need it, 24 hours a day, without it costing us any more than a prescription charge. But in other countries, the story is very different. That’s why it pays to make sure you have adequate family travel insurance when you go abroad.

You may think that you are fit and healthy, but illness and injury can strike any of us at any time. An  appendicitis can come on suddenly, without warning, and requires immediate treatment, wherever you are in the world. That lifesaving operation will cost thousands of pounds in most countries and without holiday cover, you’ll be forced to pay the bill yourself. Even a simple GP appointment in the USA can cost over £100, with your prescription setting you back a further £10 or more. Accident and emergency services for a twisted ankle or broken leg can run into thousands of pounds.

And once you have had your treatment overseas, you have to get home again, and if you are not fit to travel on your scheduled flight, this can be another big expense. From a first class seat with the legroom for your broken ankle, to a full air ambulance service if you are really ill, the costs can soon add up.

At provide a range of cheap travel insurance to suit all kinds of trips, from family travel insurance to annual policies for regular travellers. We help you cut the cost of holiday cover, while making sure you have all the protection you need.

It’s simply not worth the small saving to risk a huge medical bill when you travel overseas, especially when cheap travel insurance is so easy to find with