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Date: 25/05/2011

Ryanair pilots the introduction of reserved seating

As the country continues to loiter in the economic doldrums, many Brits are looking for a cheap and cheerful getaway on their single trip travel insurance. It has never been a better time for budget airlines, no longer just the province of those on either brief business trips or exploring on their backpacker travel insurance, but now a fully-fledged member of the travel industry, with some of the airlines offering a range of previously unavailable options.

Ryanair's latest offering breaks all the rules associated with budget airlines, where a mad scramble for preferential seats has been commonplace in the past. The airline are now offering passengers the opportunity to reserve specific seats should they wish to do so, subject to a booking cost, of course.

The initiative is currently only being trialled to see how it works with the airline considering making it a permanent option if it proves successful.

A representative for the company said, "Ryanair will trial a reserved seating service on our Dublin – Malaga and Dublin – Gatwick routes from 16th May. For just 10 euros passengers can pre-book their favourite seats in the front two rows, to ensure a prompt exit on arrival, or in over wing exits, for extra legroom. If this new service proves popular with passengers then we will roll it out selectively on other Ryanair routes in the coming months."

The move is certain to be a hit with families enjoying a holiday on their single trip travel insurance, as it will provide a guarantee that all members can sit together – should they want to of course!

Others who are trying to keep costs as low as possible, such as those taking extended breaks on backpacker travel insurance, can continue with the current method of cut-price flights, with no surcharges for reserving preferential seats.