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Please note: You will not be covered for holiday cancellation until your policy start date. Choose today’s date if you want cover as soon as possible.

Date: 19/11/2013

65 going on 16?

If you're over 65, you might be tired of people telling you to be careful on holiday - chances are, you're older and wiser than a lot of friends and family; you've still got it! People live to be older, healthier and fitter than ever before nowadays, and it isn't uncommon to find the older generation skiing, rock climbing, hiking and more whilst on holiday!  But you do need to make sure you're insured whilst you're travelling, and over 65 travel insurance is the perfect way to get the cover you need, whatever you get up to!

Get over 65 travel insurance with

You might be wondering why you need over 65 travel insurance why not just take out standard single trip insurance? Here are just a few of the benefits of cheap travel insurance- see for yourself:

There's all the same cover as standard single trip insurance, including medical emergency cover, lost or stolen possessions cover and cancellation/curtailment cover. Take your insurance with and you can also benefit from add-ons such as gadget insurance! You can add optional upgrades such as golf cover, cruise cover and much more. Cover protects you no matter what you get up to, and a wide range of activities are covered from snorkelling and diving to golfing and more!

Pre-existing medical conditions

We get it, you lead an active lifestyle and you like to think you can keep up with the 20 years olds! Just because you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition doesn't mean you need to slow down on holiday. You'll need to make sure you let your travel insurance provider know about any medical conditions before taking out your policy, as they will usually be able to provide you with cover. By not declaring any pre-existing medical conditions, you could invalidate your policy, so it's important to always be honest!

Holidays are supposed to be about fun and adventure, but don't take risks by travelling without insurance. Cheap over 65 travel insurance is available to buy online, and is the best way to protect yourself, whether you're snorkelling in the Caribbean, cruising the Greek Isles or hiking through the Himalayas. Even if you're just visiting family in France for the weekend, don't be caught out by travelling without insurance this year; make sure you organise your travel insurance in plenty of time for your trip.