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Date: 28/04/2014

10 suitcase essentials you can't leave home without...

Whether you're jetting off for a week in Spain or spending a fortnight cruising the Caribbean, there are a few suitcase essentials every traveller needs. We've come up with this handy top 10 list to make sure you don't forget to pack any of these for your adventures!

1. Holiday insurance

Everybody needs cheap travel insurance, whether you're travelling alone, with friends or taking the whole family on holiday. Travel cover not only protects you in the case of a medical emergency, it also provides cover in case your holiday plans are cancelled or curtailed, and it even protects you if your baggage is lost or stolen.

2. Suntan lotion

It's recommended to use a minimum of SPF15 at all times, especially when you're abroad. Realistically though, for at least the first few days of your trip you should use SPF30 or above to ensure you don't burn.

3. Passport

Don't make the mistake of arriving at the airport with all your travel documents only to realise you've forgotten your passport! When you're planning your holiday, it's a good idea to check you know where your passport is and that it hasn't expired; if it has it could take several months to apply for a new one.

4. Warm clothes

Even if you're headed to the Caribbean, make sure to pack some cover ups in case the weather turns cold! Cardigans and jumpers are also great for chilly nights when the temperature can drop and can protect you from mosquito bites after dark.

5. A good book

Packing a bestseller is practically mandatory for every holiday. You could even take your Kindle or e-reader and take advantage of gadget cover from to keep your gadgets protected on your travels!

6. First aid kit

A first aid kit is a great idea, particularly if you're travelling with children. Don't forget basics such as plasters and something to treat mosquito bites with, such as calamine lotion for the itching.

7. Your MP3 player

Lying on the beach isn't half as much fun without your favourite tracks to help you relax, so don't forget to pack your MP3 player to ensure you have music wherever you go on holiday.

8. Your medication

From birth control pills to heart medication, if you're taking any kind of medication, don't forget to stock up and take plenty of it on your travels with you. If you suddenly run out or lose a packet, you could be left struggling to get more.

9. Digital camera

Packing a camera is a holiday essential - how else will you capture all those amazing images to create memories of your holiday?

10. Travel adaptor

There's no point packing all your gadgets if you can't charge them, so don't forget to pack your travel adaptor!

Make sure you pack these 10 suitcase essentials for a great time away. Happy holidays!