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Travelling overseas can be a daunting experience, so it’s best to do some research before you go to find out any visa requirements, whether there is any current foreign office advice or even just keeping up to date on events taking place in your chosen destination. Our useful links provides some helpful resources to help you.

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HM Passport Office


There are peak times throughout the year for passport applications from HM Passport Office, with the summer season being the highest.

Rise in passport applications

In 2014 there was a staggering increase of 200,000 applications caused by the projected upturn in the economy. Delays were so severe that an investigation was launched to understand the increase and to make sure that it did not happen again.

With figures like that, it's quite understandable that people eager to travel opted for  Premium and Fast-Track services, as the average waiting time for a passport increased from 3 weeks to 8 weeks.


Fast-track your new passport

Fast-track services are being used more and more to guarantee people have their passport on time for travelling.

We always recommend never to book a trip without a valid passport or until you've received your new one. If you have, then these services may be useful to get your new passport quickly.



If you would like to use the fast-track or premium services that are available, you will need to book an appointment in advance.

These services are great if you need your passport in a hurry. If you're in need of an urgent appointment, search for your local HM Passport Office here.