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We understand organising your travel can be stressful. The all new account area will allow you to view your policy documents and manage your travel expenses all in one place – Making travel simple!

The Travel Spending Card is a simple travel companion, exclusively available to you in your account. Which means you no longer need to buy currency from a Bank, Bureau, or Travel agency for your trips abroad. Instead, you can use your card and exchange currency dynamically – saving you time and money.


With the card you get:

  • Instant access to multiple currencies

  • Secure account to manage your spending

  • Great exchange rates

  • Worldwide Mastercard® acceptance

  • Easy way to view your travel insurance and holiday spending in one place!


Once you’ve purchased your travel insurance, check your emails for your invite to the secure portal.

Please see our T&C’s for further details. 

If you already have an account then you can log in here.



How to activate your travel money Mastercard®

1.  Go to and log in with your account details.

2. You will be asked to enter your activation code, sent to you by email when you ordered the card and the last 4 digits of your card.

3. Your PIN will be revealed, and you can start using your card. If you forget your PIN you can also see it again with the card settings part of the app and portal. Remember the first transaction must be a PIN entry before using contactless or online.


Load funds to your card

You can load your card with a UK debit card registered to the cardholder. Only load GBP to the GBP wallet, you shouldn't load GBP to the EURO wallet as your bank will see that as a foreign transaction and charge hefty fees. Simply load in GBP and let the card do the rest.


How does the card work?

Your card is a pre-paid card. You need money in your account in order to use your card, so it’s important to top-up your account with your debit card and keep track of your balance. As long as you have funds in your account, you can use your card to withdraw cash and shop online or on the high street, at home and overseas.


Checking your balance

Check your balance on the portal – your balance will be displayed on the home screen for you.


Load and spend

Simply load your wallet and your card will do the rest. We will dynamically swap your GBP at the Mastercard rate of exchange for the currency you need in the location. The rate you receive will be displayed with the transaction on your account.

Your exchange rate at point of sale will be based on the Mastercard rate of exchange.


Worldwide acceptance with Mastercard

You can use your travel money card anywhere Mastercard is accepted, in millions of locations around the world. Use it in shops, online and to withdraw cash from ATMs at home and abroad.


Make instant contactless payments

With your card you can make instant contactless payments both at home and abroad up to the value of £30.


Using the ATM and paying the bill

When using your card abroad at the ATM or when you buy something, you may be given the choice to pay or be billed in the local currency or GBP – ALWAYS choose the local currency option.

 At the ATM never accept the machine’s exchange offer – complete to withdrawal using the Mastercard rate of exchange – it will always be better.


What happens if your card is lost or stolen?

Call Card Customer Services immediately on 0203 422 9144 or go online to your account to block your card and order a new one. Please see the terms and conditions for full details.


What do I do if I forget my PIN?

Simply log in to your account and select “View Pin” in card settings. Alternatively, you can call Card Customer Services on 0203 422 9144.


How is a prepaid Travel Money Card different to taking my debit or credit card abroad?

A Pre-Paid travel money card is preloaded before you go abroad. This has the benefit of alleviating charges and currency conversions typically associated with making purchases overseas. With no overdraft, there is no way you can go over budget or be in debt. With flexible reload options, you can always top up if funds are low. Furthermore, where applicable, you do not need to be concerned about 'nasty' conversion charges or fees.


Will my card work anywhere?

You can use your Card anywhere Mastercard® is accepted, in millions of locations around the world, however here are a few place where your card will not work:

 - Pay at Pump Fuel Terminals

 - Toll Road payment terminals

 - Outlets that require a deposit such as hotels & car hire companies. We suggest you use an alternative bank/credit card for the pre-deposit then pay any balance with your card to ensure you still get the best rates.



What fees apply to my prepaid Mastercard?

Domestic ATM withdrawal £1.50
International ATM withdrawal £1.50
ATM enquiry (free with app) £0.30
Dynamic SWAP at ATM or POS from GBP or EURO to other currencies 1%
Decline at ATM £0.30
Decline at POS £0.30
Bank account loading Not available
Cost to load from a debit card 1%
Cost to load from a credit card Not available
Domestic POS transaction usage FREE
International POS transaction usage FREE
Monthly maintenance fee FREE
Account closure FREE
Card replacement fee £10.00
Cost to reverse a transaction FREE
Card to card transfer FREE
Add cardholder £5.00
Unload fee 3%


What limits apply to my Prepaid Mastercard?

Certain spending limits apply to your card which are highlighted below.


Max load value allowed per year £20,000
Max load value allowed per month £12,000
Max number of loads per month 30
Max balance allowed at any given time £12,000
Min load value allowed per individual load £50
Max value allowed per load £2,000
Max number of loads allowed per day 2
Max load value per day £4,000

ATM Usage
Max daily ATM withdrawal in the UK for UK customers £20
Max ATM withdrawal allowed in a year £7,500
Max ATM withdrawal allowed per month £4,000
Max number of ATM transactions allowed per month 30
Max ATM withdrawal value allowed per day £500
Max ATM withdrawal value allowed in a single transaction £250
Min ATM withdrawal value allowed per single transaction £10
Max number of ATM transactions allowed per day 2

POS / Online
Max purchase value allowed per year £20,000
Max purchase value allowed per month £6,000
Max number of purchases allowed per month 200
Min purchase value allowed per individual transaction £0
Max purchase value allowed per individual transaction £4,000
Max number of purchases allowed per day 20
Max purchase value per day £4,000


This card is issued by Paysafe Financial Services Limited pursuant to a license by Mastercard International. Paysafe Financial Services Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FRN: 900015) for the issuing of electronic money and payment instruments. Mastercard and the Mastercard brand mark are registered trademarks of Mastercard International.   

All communications should be sent to SWAPX Ltd, Dorset House, Regent Park, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7PL

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