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Please note: You will not be covered for holiday cancellation until your policy start date. Choose today’s date if you want cover as soon as possible.

Group Travel Insurance

Going on holiday with a bunch of friends or with your extended family can be a great experience, with someone always available to help keep an eye on the children or free to join you for a sangria at the bar.

Whilst not every group holiday is action-packed, the chances are that people holidaying together are more likely to want to engage in activities they are unlikely to get a chance to try at home. The group policy recognises this and automatically provides cover for a range of different activities, at no extra cost. Energetic holidaymakers can try their hand at wind-surfing, pony trekking, deep sea fishing or even take part in an organised bungee jump with the peace of mind knowing that their policy covers them.

With, it is also possible to take out specific golfing group insurance for a weekend away with the boys or winter sports insurance for a group getaway during the long winter months.

Group travel insurance also means that every member of the party is covered at the same level and by the same provider so if the worst happens, making a claim is much more straightforward than having to contact multiple insurers. The group travel insurance plan is very flexible as it involves multiple individual policies all under one reference number, making any paperwork far easier to manage.

No-one likes to think that something might go wrong on a trip, but by arranging insurance you are simply making sure that if there is a problem, the impact will be kept to a minimum and you won't end up out of pocket.