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UK Travel Insurance

Whether your holiday is for three days or three months, provides cheap UK travel insurance covering all sorts of unexpected events so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

  • free cover for kids on family policies
  • up £5,000 cancellation
  • trips up to 365 days

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Please note: You will not be covered for holiday cancellation until your policy start date. Choose today’s date if you want cover as soon as possible.

UK Travel Insurance

Cheap UK Travel Insurance

If you plan to take a UK holiday and already live in Britain, you may wonder why you should be taking out UK travel insurance so close to home. After all, if you need medical treatment or even a hospital stay then you are not going to be billed for treatment under the NHS whether you are at home or on holiday in Britain. For this reason we do not cover medical expenses under our UK policy, however we do cover for cancellation, personal possessions and much more.

What does our UK Travel Insurance cover? offers travel insurance within the UK for single trip and annual policies. There are a few more rules regarding travel insurance for UK only policies. UK holiday insurance provides cover for accommodation that is pre-paid and pre-booked for a minimum of two consecutive nights.

Cancellation, curtailment and delay

UK holiday insurance covers accommodation and some travel costs when a holiday is cancelled at short notice through no direct fault of your own such as bereavement or being called for jury service. This is the main reason that people choose to take out UK holiday insurance, by providing only the cover that is needed for the UK can offer cheap travel insurance to you.

Money and personal possessions

Losing money or personal possessions on holiday in the UK is just as likely to happen as on a foreign holiday so it makes sense to make sure you are covered for this possibility. We would also recommend that you check your home insurance policy for cover of items such as cameras, laptops and even money and credit cards away from home up to a certain value.

Medical emergencies

When choosing UK travel insurance you will find that medical expenses are not covered - this is because you are using the NHS and they do not charge for treatment. However for the reasons above UK travel insurance is worth purchasing.