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Travel Insurance Comparisons

Arranging a holiday is exciting and picking the various components such as the destination, accommodation and even the flights can add to the anticipation.

However, for most people, arranging their travel insurance does not provide them with the same frisson of delight and more often than not, plump for either the first or cheapest quote they can find just to get the job over and done with.

Although it may not be the most exhilarating of ways to spend your time, it is worth spending a little while carrying out travel insurance comparisons as it is not always possible to save money, but increase the amount of cover you have.

Many people are looking to save money in the current climate and the less spent on insurance is more available to enjoy the holiday with, but the price of the insurance does not always tell the whole story.

Carrying out travel insurance comparisons properly means looking at more than just the price and checking to see what is included for the cost.

For example, a family holidaying together will undoubtedly want to make sure everyone is insured and at the lowest price possible. But whilst they might be able to take out a family policy which covers everyone and on first glance seems the cheapest, by looking at what each policy includes they may find an insurer which offers free insurance for children. This means that another insurer may actually be cheaper as it would not be necessary to pay for everyone on the family policy which seemed the best deal at first.

Another common mistake is to compare different types of policies. Annual multi trip insurance is more expensive than single trip insurance if compared individually but over the course of the year will save a serious amount of cash, not to mention being far less hassle.

What different policies cover can also lead to a discrepancy in the price and some basic policies may actually provide insurance for a wide range of activities which cost extra from another insurer.

Annual Multi Trip Insurance

Carrying out travel insurance comparisons may not be your favourite activity but consider it a necessary evil, just like a passport photo and you will soon be free to enjoy your holiday with peace of mind and hopefully a little bit more cash in your pocket.